I have a clone of a Samsung S4

but need a new battery. The model it uses is an S-9500 and it measures 50mm across and 60mm deep. However it doesnt seem to be a stocked item. Anybody know what Samsung model will fit it . I'm guessing that being a clone it may be another model not an S4

geek_texastwo, Jul 2, 4:25 pm

geek_wayne416, Jul 2, 4:26 pm

Tried them even though I dont like using them because they are just "middle Men", and generate a lot of junk mail.,. And even they couldnt help

geek_texastwo, Jul 2, 4:44 pm

geek_csador, Jul 2, 4:51 pm

is the s9500 the phone model
there are plenty of batteries under that model number that refence S4 in title eg.

geek_king1, Jul 2, 4:53 pm

Wrong Size Im afraid and it has more contacts

geek_texastwo, Jul 2, 4:58 pm

So the battery is physically the same as the real s4?
If so, here you go.


geek_rz_zone, Jul 2, 5:00 pm

That could be what I want, Funny AliExpress told me they didnt have anything

geek_texastwo, Jul 2, 5:00 pm

Apparently not the same, as I bought one but it was too big

geek_texastwo, Jul 4, 10:11 am

I'm reluctant to buy anything that the photo doesnt show the contacts and where the size is not mentioned. Many resellers just show the face side of the battery and that can be deceptive as the measurements are critical

geek_texastwo, Jul 4, 10:18 am

They are "middle men" in much the same way as Trade Me. They simply connect lots of buyers with lots of sellers. If you're buying small quantities of products from China I've found Ali-express pretty decent. They actually have buyer protection systems with teeth that offer some protection from the crap that comes out of China. I've had a few failed transactions/ dud products and the buyer protection has not let me down yet. As for junk mail, you can check box your way out of that.

geek_farside03, Jul 4, 10:23 am

Like texastwo I have used Aliexpress and found them more of a nuisance than a good source of products. prefer to go to the supplier

geek_eagles9999, Jul 4, 11:19 am

geek_wayne416, Jul 4, 3:07 pm

Hit the chat now button on the auction and ask, give size, send a photo and you will get a reply in a few minutes if the one you want is the same. Anytime after 12-30pm NZ time most are on deck. As for the junk mail Aliexpress is the same as most and have an unsubscribe at bottom of their emails.

geek_wayne416, Jul 4, 3:24 pm

Thanks Wayne416 I'll do that (chat I mean) but that one you have put up is definitely not the right one.

geek_texastwo, Jun 24, 5:21 am

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