I am having trouble installing wireless Brother


geek_toenails, Feb 22, 4:48 pm

I'm having trouble reading the manual for you.

geek_spyware, Feb 22, 4:50 pm

printer. It is second hand, and the disc doesn't work , what do I need to download so I can play with my knitting patterns again?

geek_toenails, Feb 22, 4:51 pm

geek_wayne416, Feb 22, 4:59 pm

Just another reason not to buy Brother
Sorry OP, if it was a HP I could help


youtube has the instructions to follow how to install that printer
Just get the lattest drivers before you do anything

geek_sqidlie, Feb 22, 5:03 pm

Thank you for your help. I have stumbled through the process with success.

geek_toenails, Feb 22, 6:45 pm

So one person having issues installing software is a good reason to avoid an entire brand? What if it's a problem with their computer? What if they're not overly tech savvy?

Or would you like to enlighten us with why we should avoid Brother?

Brother the best printer brand around. Their consumer models come with a 3-year warranty and good after sales tech support.

Just because you had a bad experience with a product (which I'm assuming is why you're so anti) doesn't mean you should bad-mouth the entire brand from behind your keyboard.

geek_suicidemonkey, Feb 22, 6:51 pm

couldn't have said it better

geek_king1, Feb 22, 8:05 pm

Brother are good been through 2 both still work but friend got one at Christmas time, no camera card slot and will only use WIFI through network. I bought an Epson which can connect to computer with direct WIFI and i can print directly from tablet. Have refillable cartridges coming so will be cheap to fill. If Brother had card slot and direct WIFI i would have bought another one.

geek_wayne416, Feb 22, 8:56 pm

So you tell me what help you just gave OP
None, you just came in here to dis me
Your bad it seems and tell me why so many have come here on the MB with requests for help for "Brother": more than any other brand of printer
Get a life

geek_sqidlie, Feb 22, 9:01 pm

Perhaps because they sell so many.

geek_wayne416, Feb 22, 9:07 pm

Haha. Ok. Let's put this to the test.

I just searched "Brother printer" in the Computing MB within the last 6 months (sorted by newest first). There are 2 help threads.

I searched "HP printer" with the same criteria, and there are at least 10 help threads.

I personally don't think there is anything wrong with HP or Brother printers. I just think you should get your facts straight before posting brand hate.

geek_suicidemonkey, Feb 22, 9:11 pm

Look above and see I had posted a test pattern for the OP in that thread

geek_sqidlie, Feb 22, 9:29 pm

I realize that but don't see any help to OP from the second post picking me up, my mistake but sure OP knew it was a desktop and didn't need reminding. As for my mistake i didn't need reminding either so a useless,picky post

geek_wayne416, Jul 15, 4:06 pm

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