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When I open the task manager, it sometimes has items running that I havent opened and cant seem to end. They look like ads and one is always called "blank page". I have run Panda cloud cleaner and this initially looked like it had fixed it but they are back. I have Panda internet security15. Any suggestions? I think its making my machine slow down a fair bit.

geek_salniamh, Jun 21, 4:35 pm

What task manager? The Windows one? Chrome? Something else?

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 21, 4:50 pm

Windows one - when you press control alt delete and then 'start task manager'.

geek_salniamh, Jun 21, 4:52 pm

But I do also use chrome as my browser

geek_salniamh, Jun 21, 4:52 pm

check your installed programs - see if any strange toolbars or programs are installed and remove them.
install adware or the like and scan your computer.
run a full virus scan too. (in safe mode)

geek_woagan, Jun 21, 4:59 pm

Ah ok - yes will do. I havet ever done a scan in safe mode before. I dont see any unusual tool bars.

geek_salniamh, Jun 21, 5:01 pm

I did above and have changed my user name (I read that could help). I found intrusion attempts SMART ARP, TCP flags check, UDP flood, and malware Magnetic.t.domd.exe. Which I assume are all bad?
My computer keeps blocking vim.exe and GWX/configmanager.exe - are these last two bad? I saw somewhere online that vim.exe is a sony product and I might need it, but I cant work out how to allow as my computer auto blocks it?

geek_salniamh, Jun 22, 6:55 am

What anti-malware program did you use?

I recommend the free version of MBAM. https://www.malwarebytes.org/

geek_mark.52, Jun 22, 7:43 am

I didnt use any - I will look at your recommendation. I get nervous downlaoding stuff - spesh after this experience. btw - no return of said programmes as yet, fingers crossed.

geek_salniamh, Aug 1, 9:05 pm

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