Can i ditch windows 8 and get 7 for free?

daryl14, Apr 26, 8:59am
I have windows 8 on a media pc attached to my tv and i am sick of it. I cant even work out what antivirus it has and i want to put in security essentials. Now it just goes to something called sweetpage and brings up a heap of pop ups. Hate trying to navigate the menus. So frustrating. Just want to stream some innocent tv shows etc.

d.snell, Apr 26, 9:11am
It has defender which is a beefed up version of security essentials, going backwards to win 7 is not a good choice as 8.1 is better by far.
As for your virus/malware infection, accept some blame because whatever version you were on, you would have probably infected yourself any way. Download malwarebytes from and run a scan with that.
The shows you want to stream may be innocent, but the sources used to stream these shows, can often be far from innocent.

gyrogearloose, Apr 26, 9:15am
No, but I understand you'll be eligible for an upgrade to Windows 10.

r.g.nixon, Apr 26, 9:59am
Get someone to sort it for you. 8 is better than 7. I use both.

king1, Apr 26, 11:47am

daryl14, Jan 12, 10:20am
Thank you for all replies. I will put these suggestions into action.

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