Facebook search function hassles, WTH

mrfxit, May 9, 9:55pm
WTH is going on there.
Some of the groups are near on useless to search for anything now.
Most of the keywords I was using simply return very minimal or no results
Don't a Ccleaner junk clean this morning just in case it was a rouge cookie but nope, still screwed.
Theres also a results tab bar appeared not that I didn't notice before with thumbnail pics instead of complete adverts/postings.

Makes it near on impossible to admin search for old or older postings now.
Yes same result on several computers here AND other ppl around town

rz_zone, May 10, 12:38am
Seems to be a glitch in the last few days. But it works fine lastnight for me. Hope it stays that way. Lol

mrfxit, May 10, 9:04am
It seems to only effect the groups that have been changed to tab searching.

deodar1, Dec 4, 2:19am
I can't post PMs,& they still send half the inbox emails even though I changed the
setting.I'm going to label them SPAM soon.What about the "friends" ? Hundreds
of people I never met in Africa or dreaded Bahamas.

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