Cleaned up C drive and lost emails

I cleaned up my C drive, by moving things to D drive. Found I had moved Thunderbird email . Have lost my emails and do not have permission to do stuff anymore.
Tried a system restore, but it would not consider it! Any advice would be appreciated. Running Windows 7. TIA.

geek_rissla, Aug 4, 7:13 pm

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 4, 8:05 pm

Funny stuff.

geek_spyware, Aug 4, 8:35 pm

Thanks for the link r.g.nixon, but I seem to have a more serious issue. I seem to have lost all the Thunderbird folders etc. from my computer. Did a search, but they are gone.
I may have to reinstall Thunderbird.

geek_rissla, Aug 4, 10:13 pm

The folders are not just hidden are they?

geek_gsimpson, Mar 21, 3:24 pm

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