Webhost moved our site to different server and .

cj_s, Jun 22, 5:49am
Our webhost moved our site to a different server and since then we've had nothing but problems.

First of all, they didn't tell us. So we couldn't log in.
They said they moved our account "to a new powerful and efficient server". Well, you wouldn't say so, because since then:

- emails sent to our email account don't arrive;
- new/updated pages that I uploaded don't show. You still see the old pages when you visit the website.
- the app that registers the number of visits to the site (awstats) hasn't registered any visits after 5 June, which also happens to be the last day we received an email.
- when I log into the Cpanel, with each click on an app or page I get this message: https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/391827437.jpg When I queried this, I got this reply (must admit I don't completely understand it, but trusted their response. Not so sure anymore): https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/391828835.jpg

Anyone an idea what might be going on here? I have only basic understanding of html coding (I coded the simple website myself) and know how to use the Cpanel, but that's about it.

Our site is hosted for free as we are a small charity with not too much traffic (around 30 visits per day; people regularly download pdf files from our site during those visits). So maybe we just don't have any priority for them, but we need this website (+ email) to work well. Without it we cannot effectively help people.

Anyone know a GOOD webhost who might be able to host our site for free. We are NZ based but visitors to our website come from all over the world. The people who email us are mostly from NZ.

Any advice is welcome! Thank you!

king1, Jun 22, 5:55am
well that looks like you are visiting the site using https://. instead of http://. https needs a security certificate, otherwise browsers will display the warning you see.

Or you have a signed certificate for the domain which has expired or hasn't been moved over to new server maybe.

cj_s, Jun 22, 6:04am
Yes, when I log into the Cpanel and with each following step after login, it uses https:// . That's normal, isn't it? I just don't get why they say it's all okay (see my second link). Before they moved our site, I never got these warnings. Should I just accept this and ignore the warning messages as they say I can?

vtecintegra, Jun 22, 6:48am
Yes you can ignore that message as far as your cpanel goes.

If you weren't seeing it before most likely your old cpanel wasn't using ssl at all (i.e. http rather than https)

-bookzone-, Jun 22, 7:12am
Here's a free NZ webhost:


d.snell, Jun 22, 7:28am
I'm not sure all of your problems are due to moving servers. If your hosting company changed your server, that should be transparent to you. Your existing credentials should remain the same. Do you use www.yourdomainname.co.nz/cpanel to log in or are you using another way to get there? Also, you say uploads don't work, are you sure you are updating the correct site? Do you FTP your updates or are you using CMS or similar?
Just, sometimes, other issues occur, that because of a server reassignment happened, it gets blamed because of that, when it has nothing at all to do with it.
I suppose, the obvious question is, Instead of dumping your host who has generously supported your charity by providing free hosting for years, have you actually "asked them" to find out what is going on? Seems you are being a bit rude, looking for alternatives so early on and maybe a bit of patience and gratitude might go afar.

cj_s, Jun 22, 8:50am
Don't worry, I'll ask them again and be a bit more patient. But this is far from the first issue we've had with them. It just got a lot worse since they moved us to another server. So it's not 'early on' and I've already been very patient. I'm far from rude, just anticipating on a move that we'll eventually may have to make if these problems continue.

cj_s, Jun 22, 9:24am
Thank you. Old cpanel also used https.

woagan, Jul 29, 9:23pm
sounds like it may be a firewall rule or two at your providers end.
If your emails are not arriving, a switch/router/firewall may potentially be dropping the packets.
might pay to get hold of their networking team to investigate?

(This is on the assumption that when they moved you across to the new hardware, they may have forgot to update the routes or something)

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