Strange phone txt

My wife and I text and I rec hers in window with her name and vice versa.
This morning i txted and her reply came back in a minute in different window with not her name but her mobile number. She says she's done nothing to the phone when i check with her.
When I went into the window with just the number and read the text I used the call button at top of text window the call wouldn't connect. I went to the normal window with her name and called from corresponding "call" button and got thru.
Texts are sent and rec'd thru either window (with name or with number as title) . hacked? How to check and remedy? My phone is work one with usual IT protections etc

geek_vixian1, Jun 21, 11:32 am

name only comes up if the phone number is in the address book. Are you still both listed in each others contacts/address book.

Being a work phone you should probably talk to the IT people at work about the hacking. These days though just about everyone thinks anything that goes wrong is due to hacking.

geek_king1, Jun 21, 11:47 am

Thx King1 . yep names still in address books . I can only call her using call button in text window w her name but not the one with just her number even tho that window txts back and forth obviously using the same number . will talk to IT . I agree cyber incidents are numerous and every glitch attributed to them . on that subject there are some cool global graphics sites . is an example

geek_vixian1, Jun 21, 11:53 am


geek_rz_zone, Jun 21, 1:58 pm


geek_vixian1, Jun 21, 5:13 pm

Few posts on Spark Facebook page about text issues.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 21, 6:37 pm

Yep, Ive got the same issue. Have a look at the text message it usually has +6427******* and senders name is above that, now it just has +027******* if they are 027. Weird

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 22, 9:10 am

Maybe here they may mention something at some stage.

geek_tool_shop173, Aug 2, 3:16 am

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