Price of desktop with/out windows

What should be the price difference for a desktop with and without windows?

Also apart from a faster processor and more ram is there something else I might consider? Mostly I just use it for browsing and sketchup but I see there are things like movies over the internet. I have no experience of that.

geek_jh34, Jun 11, 9:27 am

Looks like $139, to me. Assuming it is a new computer.

If it is an old computer than can only handle Windows XP, then no price difference.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 11, 9:31 am

If you are buying a computer without windows, you will need another operating system before you can do anything with it. There are cheaper and even free operating systems, but they all require some degree of reconfiguring, and may not run the software that you are use to on a windows machine, That said, the difference in price should be somewhere around the cost of the windows licence.

Watching video over the internet (streaming) does have very high hareware requirements, but given that we don't know the specifications of your cunnet computer, we can't really say what (if anything) you need to upgrade. Apart from the hardware the single biggest factor for streaming video is the speed of you internet connection, and whether you have limits on the amount of data you can download each month.

geek_cafc2012, Jun 11, 10:00 am

At present I'm running Ubuntu and I have a 1G processor and 1.5 GB ram which is just on the limit for the latest ubuntu releases.
[ description: CPU
product: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3200+
vendor: Hynix Semiconductor (Hyundai Electronics)
physical id: 4
bus info: cpu@0
version: 15.15.0
slot: Socket 939
size: 1GHz
capacity: 3GHz
width: 64 bits
clock: 200MHz ]
I happened to find two prices for 3G processor with 4 GB ram which were the same except one came with windows and one didn't:
Intel G3240 (3.1GHz 3MB Cache) Small Business System, (4GB Memory, 1TB HDD, DVD-RW, Intel HD Graphics, Card Reader, Gigabit Lan, 300W PSU) [can be upgraded - is not assembled]
Acer Veriton X4630G G3250 3.2Ghz 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Desktop with Windows 8.1 [assembled]
Both $667 - no contest?

geek_jh34, Jun 11, 10:20 am

My last two builds, (for wife and mother inlaw) asus H81M=Plus Mobo, Pentium CPU G3220, 4 Gb of ram , 128Gb SSD for Op system (C drive), with windows 7 cd . .$600 . .but was using old case and power supply

geek_cranken28, Jun 11, 10:39 am

I've never built a desktop but I'd like to try.

geek_jh34, Jun 11, 10:47 am

well i am building a new desctop right now i got antech military stile case and i got the asrock z97 anniversary mainsboard the large one and then i got from tradme ddr3 16 gigbit 2400 ram and i am about to purchase antech platinum 94% efficient power supply to power it and i have swapped the dvd burner from my old rig hopfully it still works and i got a 850gigabit SSD intel hdd most items have 7 year warranty i think. i dont like to put crap togather i want things to last for ever haha .
ah yea cpu i got the intel i5 4690K lga 1150 processor
about a grand for all that monitor will be my tv via hdmi with future upgrades to a GTx 960 or 970 graphix card
1100$ for that mainsboard and cpu and case 600$ from 1stwave ram 210$ from tradme and psu 310$ from pricespy not sure whom from i shoukd get it 3 have similar prices

geek_intrade, Jun 11, 1:33 pm

power supply is a cruital component and its what often destroys hardware with instabile supply of power , so i would never re-use a psu as its components have aged and if the psu fails it can burn out all your new hardware.

geek_intrade, Jun 11, 1:39 pm

geek_jh34, Jun 11, 4:27 pm

@ intrade
why such high specs?

geek_jh34, Jun 11, 4:44 pm

I took power supply in and asked if I should buy a new one. Computer shop owner said ,that's a Very good brand and will do the job, don't buy a new one . . still working fine .

geek_cranken28, Jun 11, 6:02 pm

well number 1 reason is platinum standard for eficiency and then there is not much to choose from seasonic has not got the best reviews antec however ranks amoungs the top 5 best and there is no lower wattage one with platinum i could find so yea that is why otherwise i would have gotten a 550watt one
look here

my purchase go by lowest price for highest quailty

geek_intrade, Jun 11, 6:20 pm

That's kinda dangerous advice. - power supplies are fairly cheap and should not be skimped on (they are after all the one component that can take everything else out).

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 28, 10:15 pm

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