Looking at getting Netflix for an elderly person so looking at the simplest set up. Is the Roku streaming stick a good option for this? Now that Netflix is available here in New Zealand is it safe to asume that you can just plug one in and connect without having to change DNS etc. Cheers

geek_75ta, Jul 2, 8:48 pm

I've set this up a few ways and I think the Apple TV interface is the easiest to navigate for the user. None of the methods are hard to set up. No DNS changes needed.

geek_squirrel99, Jul 4, 6:00 pm

get a smart tv and downlaod the app

geek_camerong1, Jul 4, 11:34 pm

So spending $1000+ on a decent smart TV with a clunky slow OS is better than spending $70ish on a Chromecast or Roku?

That's like saying it's better to buy a new car than install a new stereo.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 5, 12:01 am

Thanks all. Bought an Apple TV which I thought might be a bit confusing but it seems OK. Cheers

geek_75ta, Jun 22, 9:04 am

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