Facebook problem logging in

dallyfeline, Mar 7, 5:46pm
Please help I tried to log in to my Facebook with my correct password and it wouldn't accept it now it wont accept me into facebook without presenting id has anybody else had this problem and how do I get back in.I presume I went into facebook page to help but do everything they say but still insist I put id before they let me in

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 6:31pm
Did you have CAPSLOCK on?

dallyfeline, Mar 7, 7:12pm
no I didn't

dallyfeline, Mar 7, 7:13pm
I put my right password in but it rejected it tried to ask for another password still keeps coming up I need to put id on the net so if anyone else has had this problem please can u help me I am very wary of putting any id on the net

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 7:29pm
If you have more than one email address, did you put the right one in?

..pip.., Mar 7, 8:20pm
Sounds like they don't think you are a real person, or are not using your real name. Scan your drivers licence and black out any numbers and email to them as requested. (Make sure you are actually using the legit FB page)


footplate1, Mar 9, 2:08am
My problem is that on my desktop, I hav to relog in at least once a day. Simply turned off. Don't know why.

dallyfeline, Mar 9, 6:25pm
Hi used the facebook page that was right did what pip said and nothing great

dallyfeline, Jun 3, 3:00am
eat my words back on facebook thank u for the help above pip

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