No sound

tisi2, Feb 28, 9:06am
even tho have the computer speakers on have zilch sound and cannt open any video clips or utube and play back anything on remand. use to bu it just stopped . looked in settings and the volume there is up to high too. so any more suggestions be appreciated . its an old dell computer and still using windows xp.

tisi2, Feb 28, 9:10am
sorry meant to have read on demand not remand. : }

gyrogearloose, Feb 28, 10:58am
I had one that puzzled me recently, but eventually found that the plastic ring had broken away from the socket and was sitting on the plug, so the plug no longer went the correct distance into the audio socket.

soodanim, Jun 27, 11:08am
Yeah, assuming you have checked the speakers are still connected or not muted. Check the sound in the control panel and make sure the speakers are the default device.

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