Windows 10 and eset smart security

This disappeared completely and had to be reinstalled after updating DH's pc with windows 10, My laptop also had a problem in that I needed the latest version of eset smart security and then it would not do the activation. Both were fixed by eset help desk who are extremely competent.

geek_jhan, Aug 13, 4:42 pm

Likewise - excellent service (again) from Chillisoft in Auckand.

geek_peterd11, Aug 13, 4:58 pm

Win 7 laptop with ESET Smart security 5 worked fine after Win 10 upgrade. Out of interest, what version were you using?

geek_mortonmob, Aug 14, 10:09 pm

The latest, ver 8 on the PC, ver 7 on the laptop which the technician upgraded for me via remote control and then he activated it.

geek_jhan, Feb 19, 5:20 am

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