Huawei ascend y210

leonv8, May 15, 9:47pm
I was given the phone above (not new), thought to install a micro SD card to be able to load some music. Bought an 8 GB card, inserted it, connected to PC, copied music. All good so far but when it comes to play, phone has problems playing just sits with a circle icon going around. Turn the phone off and on again and but now just doesn't recognise the SD card at all. Tried the card in wife's phone and music is all there and playable.
So its my phone not the card. Thought maybe a driver update would fix this but hard to know exactly what is required. Huawei don't seem to have any updates available .
Or just keep the phone as a phone and get a music device.
thank you for any advice.

wayne416, Nov 19, 3:13pm
Settings- storage- mount SD card. Then find music with the file explorer and play them with the player. Once the player knows where to find them it should be OK. It will run Android 2.3 so quite old now but very tough little phone.

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