HP Pavilion Laptop - black screen

Have an HP Pavilion Laptop that is about 5-6 years old. When I turned it on this morning the screen remained black. Power getting to the laptop. Turned power off to see if that would re-set but hasn't worked. Any ideas?

geek_malcolm57, Apr 20, 12:23 pm

try plugging in an external monitor

geek_king1, Apr 20, 12:30 pm

Tried that but that wouldn't come up either. Have done this in the past to watch TV through computer but no go this time.

geek_malcolm57, Apr 20, 1:08 pm

Unplug, remove battery, hold power button down for 30 seconds, reassemble and try.

geek_wayne416, Apr 20, 1:14 pm

Thanks for suggestion but hasn't worked. Maybe have to take it to computer repair place.

geek_malcolm57, Apr 20, 1:56 pm

Common Issue in HP Laptops. It's got a dead Video chip. it will cost you between $180 to $250 to fix.

geek_kurykurdam, Apr 20, 4:34 pm

Keep the HDD as a spare. Sell the power adapter, battery, and RAM. Throw the laptop in the rubbish. Look for a quality replacement for about $260.
Check TM, something like an HP EliteBook 8440p i5 M540 2.53GHz would be good.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 1, 11:20 am

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