Can someone help me remove a virus please?

ofcourse I accidently download one as soon as my year is up for antivirus

but anyway I downloaded, I've tried deleting it but it's still there

any tips would be greatly satisfied

geek_angie_the_panda, Apr 4, 10:51 pm

The free antivirus for all panda lovers:

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 4, 10:59 pm

geek_king1, Apr 4, 11:00 pm

To remove coolsearch - Each of the steps at the top take you to an expanded explanation further down the page.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 4, 11:03 pm

thank you guys

geek_angie_the_panda, Apr 4, 11:06 pm

actual panda help haha

geek_angie_the_panda, Apr 4, 11:07 pm

is Microsoft visual c apart of the virus? there is like 9 of them

geek_angie_the_panda, Apr 4, 11:24 pm


geek_wayne416, Apr 4, 11:41 pm

thnks I googled if it was anyway. I am so confused, I can't find anything to uninstall from it

geek_angie_the_panda, Apr 4, 11:45 pm

Did you do as post 3?

geek_wayne416, Apr 4, 11:49 pm

what about igor pavlov

geek_angie_the_panda, Apr 4, 11:49 pm


geek_wayne416, Apr 4, 11:50 pm

i'll do that now I guess, I was trying to follow the steps of the 3rd one

geek_angie_the_panda, Apr 4, 11:50 pm

That will probably root it out, if it doesn't come back.

geek_wayne416, Apr 4, 11:53 pm

Free, perhaps.

Last year i bought the panda,and found that , the Costumer services is crap,even after buying,

But, they are very quick to Hassle you for payment,with started in December on a daily bases,as,soon you open the computer,there is the pop up,with at least every week a email, and it is not due for a other 2 weeks,so no more for me,as, they are only interested in the money,

geek_tradenow100, Apr 6, 1:21 pm

They are a Spanish company, and Spain is an economic backwater. Please be a bit nicer to them.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 6, 1:37 pm

run hitman pro from surfright.

geek_cassandra13, Mar 14, 10:09 pm

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