Dish TV

greyman55, May 25, 7:20am
Having purchased a Dish TV T1050 Freeview unit I can say I am greatly disappointed, the remote only works when you point it directly at the sensor (this is talked about on Dish TV forums so Its not just mine, and the whole picture skips and stutters and jerks through a program, It is impossible to watch anything) and its not my aerial because I can watch the built in freeview from my TV with no problems.

In my opinion it is a heap of crap! and back it goes tomorrow, so is there anything out there that in your opinion works well?

mojo49, May 25, 9:29am
We have had the top of the range Dish TV satelite box for 3 years. Cost $350. Two tuners, record one, watch another with some limits. Never missed a beat. Sounds like you might have got a bad one.

tigra, Oct 17, 7:55pm
Some 4 months ago I bought a s/hand Digistar (Sat) for my second TV because the one I had been using since 2009 on my lounge TV had been working well.My faith was justified as it has been working perfectly since. Cost $25

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