Em Client email - wishing to go back to Outlook

Have been using em Client for a month, not too bad, but I want to switch back to Outlook 2010. Does anyone know what the equivalent of the *.pst file is to input back into Outlook? Have tried EM Client help but has everything but the .pst. Any help greatly appreciated. Only reason I used em client was that I lost my Outlook CD - now located.

geek_cheyenne2, Aug 3, 1:09 pm

Export to .eml from within eM Client (I think Export is on the File Menu). Then because Outlook can't import .eml, you can use Windows Live Mail to import the .eml, then using Windows Live Mail to export to Outlook.

I hope this is correct, as I currently don't use any of these email clients, preferring Thunderbird.

Also, the following may be helpful:

geek_chnman, Aug 3, 1:39 pm

Thats about right or pay for a converter. Emclient to Outlook, a backward step i think.

geek_wayne416, Aug 3, 2:19 pm

Thanks for that, will give it a try

geek_cheyenne2, Aug 3, 2:40 pm

last step is to export to exchange client or similar, from within windows live mail, which dumps it into outlook

geek_king1, Aug 3, 4:49 pm

I stuffed up my install of Outlook / Windows Mail so installed Win Live Mail, got it working, got Outlook working again, deleted Win Live Mail. I am now running Windows 10 and run the old Vista install of Windows Mail. I have backups of it, plus an easy install my son helped to make. One happy chick here.

geek_flower-child01, Mar 25, 9:08 pm

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