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mousiemousie, Feb 24, 7:13am
I am using wordpress for my website and I have somehow managed to change the settings for my drop down calender. When you now click on the calender date it shows in the drop down box in american format ie MM/DD/YY. How do I change it back to dd/mm/yy. Thanks.

nick91111, Feb 24, 11:03am

mousiemousie, Feb 24, 5:21pm
Thanks but I have already checked that. This is a pop up calender that you can use to make a booking on my site. I think it is a setting in a plugin but not sure. I have gone though the plugin settings but cant see anywhere to change it.

lostdude, Feb 24, 11:01pm
Check your "forms" plugins. Then edit the form that correlates to that calendar and change it to dd/mm/yy.

richardw13, Jul 8, 10:04pm
Where is your host based, is it US based? I wonder if their server setting are overriding your normal settings.

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