Unwanted U2 album on

Iphone, how to remove?
have followed apple`s instructions to the letter. no joy. any ideas ?please

geek_bashfulbro, Feb 22, 5:33 pm

Yep, get an android lol

One assumes that you have downloaded it thru your PC and I-tunes, in which case try deleting it in I-tunes and then re-syncing your I-phone.

geek_therafter1, Feb 22, 5:39 pm

U2 have said you are having their album and you are getting their album, end of discussion

geek_jcmp21, Feb 22, 10:16 pm

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Feb 22, 10:48 pm

No, i didn`t download it at all, it just arrived, and i have been through all the procedures i can find on line,it is not in my iTunes library at all, just on the iPhone, When i open the phone in iTunes, it does`t appear at all, so i can`t get rid of it that way. I`ll ring apple tomorrow.

geek_bashfulbro, Feb 22, 10:53 pm

Find the album on the phone in the music app, swipe from right to left on the album, press delete.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Feb 23, 1:18 am

It shouldn't actually be on your phone unless you downloaded it.
The songs show up but you would have had to press download on them still for them to play.

geek_brapbrap8, Feb 23, 9:58 am

No it was pushed to all devices, not downloaded.

Anyway, Tim Cook said it was the most amazing album ever, why would you want to delete it?

geek__drdee_, Feb 23, 10:13 am

Not sure what Tim Cook has to do with the price of fish but it was a critically acclaimed album.

geek_remmers, Feb 23, 11:36 am

It was not pushed to all devices, but it did show up in your purchased items.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Feb 23, 12:29 pm

. because it was Cook's decision to push the album out to everyone maybe? You obviously didn't watch that keynote (weird finger touching included).

I had to laugh because after U2 played Tim walked on stage and said something like "Isn't that the most amazing song you have ever heard" and the the crowd certainly didn't respond like they had heard the most amazing song ever, lol.

geek__drdee_, Feb 23, 4:15 pm

Really, Apple coloured blinders much?

"there was so much blowback over the forced album downloads that Apple was forced to post a support document and a software tool to remove the offending album from iTunes libraries."


geek__drdee_, Feb 23, 4:20 pm

Whether or not is got pushed to your device depended on a setting in iTunes, not sure what it was, something like keeping the devices synced or, no, probably more like auto downloading purchases. Didn't appear on my phone or in my iTunes Library because I had that switched off.

geek_-mung-, Feb 23, 5:01 pm

Never saw the event, not that much of a fan boy and far too old for U2

geek_remmers, Jul 13, 5:00 pm

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