Disposing of desk top computer

I have a desk top computer which I want to dispose of. I am In the process of downloading data to an external hard drive. I want to take the current hard drive out before passing hardware on. Is hardware minus hard drive going to be of any use to anyone? What Is the safest way to do this?
Appreciate any help.

geek_taramai, Jul 9, 3:48 pm

what are the specs of the machine, thats what is going to sell it, what system was it running, and what ram will be sold with it

got to ask, what devious data did you have on it that a simple low level format would not have taken care of - and you'd only have to whack it with a low level format to make it impossible to be restored - contrary to what others may come in to say, it is the securest way to wipe a drive yet, nothing is able to be recovered by current software, although if someone were to dismantle to drive they may be able to recover some parts of the data with some very technical gear, and even that would still be garbled nonesense

geek_skin1235, Jul 9, 4:02 pm

Hi Thanks for your reply. I do not have anything of importance on it apart from personal banking, legal documents, organisation and family information. Not sure how to go about carrying out a low level format.
Do not want to sell the hardware but would like to pass it on to someone who could make use of it. I am a bit wary of leaving the HD in.

geek_taramai, Jul 9, 4:12 pm

will look up a link for you, a low level format will definitely leave the drive blank, and not recoverable,
you may even have the restore disks on hnad to then put it back to out of the box state, new system, ready to rock and roll, if passing it down the family or friends you may even be able to install some of the progs you have and so deliver a functioning suite

geek_skin1235, Jul 9, 4:15 pm

this one is good but slower ( deliberately ), but hey you only need it once, it may take 2 or 3 hrs to complete


geek_skin1235, Jul 9, 4:18 pm

Will definitely give this a go in the next few days. Thanks for your input.

geek_taramai, Jul 9, 4:27 pm

enjoy, and enjoy passing it down to someone who will use it and enjoy it

the low level format cannot be successfully broken even by the most sophisticated gear that governments and the military use

geek_skin1235, Jul 9, 4:39 pm

If you had a large number of drives to erase, there is always a strong degausser. But prices start around $US2,400 (on special)

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 9, 5:17 pm

Easy to use & no limits.
Well used by myself & fully tested with recovery tools.
Hdd IS as clean as it's ever going to get, you would need to use GOVT forensic tools to recover data.

geek_mrfxit, Jul 9, 5:57 pm

No such tools exist. But they can get your data while you are using a computer. There are hardware and software 'back doors'.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 9, 6:04 pm

Perhaps just take the Hard drive out, then simply drive to another neighbourhood and leave the computer on the side of the road.

geek_jcmp21, Jul 9, 6:13 pm

Thanks for all the feedback - really appreciate this.
jcmp21 - never thought about that - can't see me doing it though!

geek_taramai, Jul 9, 6:51 pm

If this has only recently been taken out of service, you may actually want to consider placing the HDD/computer on a shelf in the garage for a month or two, before you do any dban'ng / wiping / formatting / degaussing - just in case.

geek_king1, Jul 9, 7:12 pm

Thanks king1 - unfortunately house and garage to be demolished in the near future which is why I am disposing of many items.

geek_taramai, Jul 9, 7:20 pm

I put ours in the fire.

geek_ryanm2, Jul 9, 7:41 pm

It was a 'just in case you realize 12 weeks down the track that you missed some crucial data in your backup' suggestion. Up to you though

geek_king1, Jun 6, 3:57 pm

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