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jhoon, Feb 7, 10:38pm
does anyone know how I can play Solitaire on trademe without them telling the whole world when I win. It's so embarrassing. I love the game but will not play anymore games if I have it blazoned all over the screen whenever I win. I have repeatedly ticked the do not share button to no avail. It's a really good site because you play against an opponent, no other site that I know of does this

phil5411, Feb 7, 11:29pm
how do you play solitaire a one person game or so i thought against an opponent ?

jhoon, Feb 8, 12:23am
you both have an individual board, each person can see the other persons board as you are playing and so know how fast they are progressing it is a race to see who completes their board first

d.snell, Feb 8, 2:52am
"Solitaire on trademe" ? Are you sure it's not facebook you are on about?

oclaf, Feb 8, 3:30am
I'm confused. But presumably you use Windows. Pretty much every version of Windows comes with Solitaire pre installed. No need for any online interaction at all. Just go Start>Programs>Games>-

d.snell, Feb 8, 4:14am
That's a card game. I think the OP is talking about Solitaire the board game

jhoon, Feb 8, 4:41am
Oops, yes d.snell, it is Solitaire on Facebook, not trademe.The reason I like it is because it is the only site where you have a time span to finish before the other player. You play 7 games to win a Tournament

sunnysue1, Feb 8, 5:53am
Ooooohhhh. I know. Lol. Now to try and explain. On left hand side of facebook home page is games. settings. Go into settings and find your game and open its setting. The top question is who can see. Only Me and the padlock is what you want. Good luck. took me a couple of years to find!

jhoon, Sep 4, 10:25am
Oh thank you thank you Sunny Sue you are a ray of sunshine indeed!

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