External hard drive

ianalice1, Apr 2, 4:29am
Hey guys.
I'm looking for an external hard drive, to backup my PC.
Found a Imation 1TB Portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive for $79.00.
My question is are these, solid state or real hard drives?
Been told that solid states can, self destruct, but a proper hard drive is much for robust, so was hoping for one of those, like a sata?

gyrogearloose, Apr 2, 4:32am
At that price, it can't be solid state.

suicidemonkey, Apr 2, 4:35am
No it's not solid state. Solid state external hard drives can't usually be bought off the shelf - they're quite rare still.

And also a decent solid state drive should FAR outlast a mechanical hard drive. The issue with solid state drives is that if they do die, it's usually without warning. But typically they're more reliable.

r.g.nixon, Apr 2, 4:42am
Externals are good. I had one that died but that is because two cats having a play fight whacked it over while it was being used.

ians2, Apr 2, 4:42am
I built an external SSD drive and although it is only 256GB it cost more for components than my 2TB portable drive.

I would speculate that no way is that 1TB drive an SSD drive.

nice_lady, Apr 2, 5:07am
There's no way you can buy a one terabyte SSD for that little ! SSD's of that size are several hundred dollars. And they are indeed perhaps more robust as an external than an ordinary mechanical drive as they are largely immune to bumps and shocks such as cats knocking the drive of your desk. All our comps have SSD drives and Hubby's laptop got flipped off his lap by the cat while or was running. It landed upside down on the floor. He just picked it up and it was fine. Had that been an ordinary hard drive it would almost definitely have died.

suicidemonkey, Apr 2, 5:18am
Yes the cheapest 1TB SSD on the market is over $700. And it's not an external drive.

mrfxit, Apr 2, 7:16am
LOL yea nah, had several laptops there that have met an untimely death by various methods & all fitted with std hdd's.
All the hdd's were fine.
last 1 met it's death thrown drop a great height (he's about 6' tall) & the 500gb std hdd is in my external case now.
THO . must admit that last 1 was a freak because altho the case was split wide open, the motherboard still works fine (on the bench).
It seems to be the externals that don't like being dropped.

flower_tears, Apr 2, 8:16am
"640K ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates (1981)

I will make sure to re-read your message in few years time :)

skin1235, Apr 2, 8:20am
thats 64k not 640, he was also selling 43mb hard drives, later to become 120mb drives, will never need anything bigger, along with 8mghtz CPU's

cafc2012, Apr 2, 9:04pm
in 1981 it was

ianalice1, Apr 2, 9:05pm
Hi guys.
Sorry not well after posting, so just look this morning.
Really what I'm interested in is a 1 TB sata drive, not solid state, as I know they are still very expensive.

mrfxit, Apr 2, 11:08pm
Personally would NOT buy a brand new Imation hdd.
Warrentys would probably have to be done via them only.

Most external hdd's these days are fine.
Plenty of Seagate/ Western Digital to choose from at around $85 to $110 & probably easier to get warrenty replacements done.
PB Tech is a good place to get gear like that & they deal directly with the manufactures

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