Spam on iPad2

Anyone know if there is a way of stopping spam mail downloading to the iPad2?

I go into to delete spam and stuff but the filters often fail. Stuff in the spam and blocked senders box still comes through, from time to time. I can't seen to get this across to SPARK (I note the site is still listed as a Telecom site).

geek_footplate1, Mar 3, 3:50 am

Switch to an email provider who does a better job of spam filtering. Gmail and are two free choices.

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 3, 4:07 am

It comes in on company domain name I am obliged to use. But my question is generic.

geek_footplate1, Mar 3, 6:50 am

So is the answer.

Spam is difficult to deal with client side even on a proper PC and next to impossible on a tablet.

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 3, 6:52 am

The company need to switch to a proper email provider. ISPs generally don't provide good email or hosting services, they are an ISP first, and not an email provider, it is more an addon service. They subcontract out to Yahoo anyway these days, and that service hasn't been good.

geek_mattnzw, Mar 4, 10:07 am

The issue lies with the host, I tend to agree. For the last months, I go to and delete offending mail before I open Outlook. The offending mail is in-box even though the addresses are in the "block senders" box. To me, it seems that the filters are not working. SPARK is no more interested in this than the fact that the security system certificate is out of date.
If I boot my ipad, offending mail downloads before I can get to the SPARK webmail site.

geek_footplate1, Mar 4, 7:16 pm

might be worth a look: mailwasher for apple, theres an android version also. Mailwasher used to be very handy for stopping spam before it downloads to your device by removing it at the server, and blacklisting etc. Very good program originally created by a kiwi !

geek_nice_lady, Jun 18, 5:13 pm