Help with You tube video's

Something has happened to my computer, if I try and play a you tube clip I get sound but no picture, also occurs with facebook clips. What setting has my wife changed without me knowing. Thanks

geek_sboydnz, Jun 2, 5:10 pm

Pass. But is your Adobe Flash Player up-to-date?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 2, 5:41 pm

The video is playing but you have too many tasks running in the background.

geek_mr-word, Jun 2, 7:11 pm

Adobe flash player is up to date.
Everything was shut down I only had you tube playing, it displays sound but no picture, same think with face book. Nothing has been altered (that I know of) I thought my wife has hit something that I don't know about but obviously its something more than that.
All suggestions appreciated

geek_sboydnz, Jun 2, 7:46 pm

Try a right click on the blank video, click settings and either tick or untick hardware acceleration. See if that helps, it might or it might not.

geek_morticia, Jun 2, 7:55 pm

What browser?
Try firefox or Chrome.

geek_rz_zone, Sep 23, 9:11 am

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