Chromecast ?

Does anyone know if you can watch TV on Demand with this or not? As Apple TV wont

geek_zak1998, Aug 26, 9:15 am

As long as you have another device to send it to the chrome cast (PC, laptop, tablet etc) as te Chrome cast is useless on its own. Which on demand service are you trying to use?

geek_cafc2012, Aug 26, 11:07 am

Chromecast does nothing on its own, its a streaming device

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 26, 11:32 am

You can cast all the on demand services to your TV if you're accessing them through an android device or Chrome on a PC, which is connected to your wifi. On our PC we just bring them up on the computer in Chrome and then turn on the Chromecast and off it goes through the wifi.

Great for YouTube as well as you can build up the playlist and put the children in front of it. And then use the PC to browse using Firefox ;)

geek_rednicnz, Aug 26, 6:30 pm

Tv3 on demand and tvnz on demand

geek_zak1998, Jan 10, 9:08 am

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