Buy a business edition of a software becasue

I repair pcs from home. By rights I should pay if I use the software for business. That would be fair. Ok so I checked TeamViewers Business Licence cost at $879.00 and turned away. So now I will look to the inbuilt operating remote access tools.

geek_olack, Aug 3, 4:34 pm

geek_utwo, Aug 3, 6:14 pm

website is not opening.

geek_olack, Aug 3, 6:17 pm

I use ultravnc singleclick for that

Bit more setup involved but it is self hosted and no cost

geek_king1, Aug 3, 6:20 pm

It seemed to me a remote connection would be like a once only kind of ocassion and would be secure becasue it would be once only. Why do you guys using third party software?

geek_olack, Aug 3, 6:24 pm

Try again. It works fine for me. AnyDesk was created by a former TeamViewer developer. They claim it's the world's fastest remote desktop application. Only 60 Euros/year for one commercial user.

geek_utwo, Apr 3, 4:05 am

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