Mysky help!

Hi guys, just wondering if any of you geeks could help me out.

We've just had a new mysky box installed, (the old one died) and now I can't rewind the channel I'm watching. I'm sure it's all in the setup but after trawling through the menu's I can't find the appropriate setting.

Are there any experts out there?
(Many thanks in anticipation of a deluge of well informed replies).

geek_sr2, Jun 21, 6:38 pm

you shouldn't need to set up anything. The hard drive is always recording what you are watching so you can rewind. Faulty remote? Have you tried to rewind an existing recorded program?

geek_ryanm2, Jun 21, 8:26 pm

Check using the set up button on the remote . I can't look at the moment as someone else has control of the remote [the usual culprit if you get my drift] . from memory you can have up to an hour with option including off, sounds like yours is defaulted to off.

ETA: Was just permitted to have a peek, set up button on remote, and easy as from there, just use your scroll and yes/ok buttons, as off is definitely a selection lol

geek_therafter1, Aug 2, 4:54 pm

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