Free back-up to web options

brummoi, Mar 8, 2:13am
Hi - probably stupid questions coming up but what's the simplest free way to ensure that the contents of specific folders containing photos, word docs and excel spreadsheets, pdfs) are automatically backed up online? I'm happy to set up whichever online storage thingy is best (Dropbox or whatever). Oh yeah, my PC is old as and runs XP. All advice gratefully received

morticia, Mar 8, 2:19am
I have one PC in the house running Karen's Replicator which automatically updates and adds changed or new files in specific locations to folders in Dropbox for automatic upload. Works fine.

remmers, Mar 8, 2:41am
I use, 50Gb at no charge, has auto backup for OS X and assume Windows.

r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 2:45am
I use,,,, google drive, and (Win 8.1). Most of them will work on XP.

morticia, Mar 8, 2:45am
Yeah, I have a few bits on Mega as well but when the arse falls out of what's left of Dotcoms empire and Mega site goes dead, I won't be losing anything important that isn't stored elsewhere already because I put my faith in his site alone. I mostly use Dropbox, Copy and Google.

brummoi, Mar 8, 3:08am
Thanks folks. I'm giving Karen's Replicator + Dropbox a whirl and looking fine so far

r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 3:29am
That reminds me, there is a new torrent client that bypasses web servers - sync to another friend's computer.

brummoi, Jun 7, 5:10am
Seems a bit odd to be backing up to a friend's computer, to be honest, but I suppose no less reliable than using an online service that could go bust or otherwise stop being available.

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