Mobile messaging app

Can anyone recommend an android IM app that features a PIN lock?
Some things kids shouldn't read.

geek_smac, Mar 10, 9:02 am

Easier just to keep kids off it. and pin lock when not in use

geek_trade_menow, Mar 10, 9:06 am

Perhaps, but sometimes it's handy to have them help out.

geek_smac, Mar 10, 9:08 am

Android 5 has a feature where you can set up multiple accounts which allow access to specific apps. Most apps are account locked - ie locked by the account security option, and anyway entering a PIN every time you wanted to send a message would be annoying.

geek_mikep, Mar 10, 9:48 am

Ya I have an S4 mini so no 5.0 yet.

geek_smac, Mar 10, 10:09 am

Go Sms, Hello sms, Chomp sms, etc. Need to pay to get rid of ads.
Disable the built in sms app when installing one of the above.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 4, 9:28 pm

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