HELP with my wifi.

So I moved last weekend and have my usual services follow me. including 80 gig of data. Just got an email from vodaphone saying I have reached 80% of usage. I have never been near reaching that before id use 7 gig a month if that and had no probs at the old house. My wifi has a password . by the looks someone is tapping into my wifi. what to do any ideas? currently listening to lovely vodaphone music

geek_skatz1, Apr 27, 10:54 am

this may be a strange concept but - change the password ?

geek_trade_menow, Apr 27, 11:00 am

its not likely some random has tapped in.
check your daily usage with vodafone.
compare upstream data usage with downstream
run a malware scan

geek_king1, Apr 27, 11:21 am

Many possibilities.

Obviously change the password on the router as a first step.

What model is it? Some have a 'guest' service designed to allow Internet use but keep people separate from your home network. If the router has one, it might be left open (no password).

Can you monitor usage using your vodafone login? Does it increase regularly.

Is your computer Windows 8? If so, and you are the only one supposed to be on the network, you can set it to be a metered connection and see if your own computer account is suing more than expected.

If all else fails, an 'unlimited' account is probably only $10 more per month.

geek_soundsgood, Jan 7, 9:53 pm