Shal I install updates or not

Have the latest android system - lollipop - on my tablet (Samsung Tab A - the latest). Go the new tablet as my Nexus 7 was slowing slowing slowing as it got updated updated updated over its life.
Now I get update notifications regularly from Google. I have not installed any of them.
I have seen some comments (on Google) of major problems - that may be caused by installing updates to lollipop.
What do I "risk" by not installing any lollipop updates?
Comments welcome.

geek_mariner26, Jul 29, 3:38 pm

I always download updates, never had a problem. Also using Lollipop.

You're best to install them as they may contain security updates.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 29, 3:41 pm

eventually you will need to updates anyway, as apps become incompatible with previous firmware.

geek_schizoid, Jul 29, 5:26 pm

The original release of Lollipop had quite a few problems on devices (mainly Nexus 5 & 7) but these were dealt with in subsequent updates. The latest is 5.1.1 so if the Samsung upgrade is that it should be ok. The Lollipop experience is different to the earlier versions such as Kitkat, but I find it a lot easier and more convenient to use.

geek_mikep, Jul 29, 6:01 pm

Thanks for those helpful comments.

geek_mariner26, Apr 20, 11:26 pm

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