Streaming Skygo through apple TV

techno6, Mar 8, 9:04pm
Has anyone got a method to achieve this?

king1, Mar 8, 9:06pm

techno6, Mar 8, 9:10pm
Cheers, I have this app on my ipad, but I can't mirror it to my apple TV

sylvia, Mar 8, 9:59pm
I found i couldn't see the mirroring option on my iPad when I bought a movie then found that when you swipe to select Apple you then had to scroll further down within that box for the mirroring options. Wonder if it is that simple perhaps? Took me a while to suss it out!

king1, Jun 6, 10:04pm
the first review on that link would suggest it is a nogo - someone else may have more info on it

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