Best computer for a business, i am

dishwash1, May 22, 9:21pm
looking for a computer to use in my daycare centre . I am hoping a laptop that i could take home with me to work at home.It is going to have to have alot of space as it needs to store material from different agencies, childrens and adults profiles and ongoing training work from the teachers etc etc. Any recomendations please. I know it is going to cost me alot of money, but hopefully not the top of the range please.Thanks.

vtecintegra, May 22, 9:27pm
None of that requires a very powerful system so you are best off focusing on relaibilty. Look at the HP EliteBook range, or the Lenovo T or X series - just get whichever one has the best screen size for you.

Also think about data security - putting that kind of stuff into an unsecured laptop opens up a real can of worms.

velenski, May 22, 9:46pm
mid of the range toshiba would be fine i sell a lot of them and never had a single problem.

r.g.nixon, May 22, 10:43pm
Security for the paranoid, or people who lose laptops.

pyro_sniper2002, May 23, 12:54am
You need to consider how you plan to back up the data etc etc. Be worth talking to a company that deal with small business IT on a daily basis. The laptop is only part of what you need. I don't know of anyone in Clutha, someone like ProSouth (I have no connection with them) are what you'er after. EDIT: Turns out ProSouth have a Clutha branch.

cafc2012, May 23, 2:48am
None of the documents you are talking about are likely to take up much room, and if your not editing video or playing games on it, you only need a very modest machine, certainly under $500 brand new.

loud_37, May 23, 5:36am
I don't think any laptops under $500 are very nice to use everyday, they may do the job but not very well. The OP definitely doesn't need the most expensive. But a good laptop makes everyday use enjoyable. Somewhere between $700 & $1200. i5, 4GB Ram, SSD

kat120, May 23, 5:49am
You can get HP ProBooks or elitebooks that are 17". You could also have a desktop for the centre and a cheaper laptop with same programmes installed for at home

king1, Oct 25, 10:18pm
buying anything at the bottom end of the market is never a good idea, especially when its for business use

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