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If all the power supply advisors on the internet recommend 694W power supply should I buy a 700W power supply or more watts? This PC will not be overclocked.

geek_olack, Jul 24, 10:53 pm

If you used one of those power supply calculators and it recommends a 700w PSU, that would be the absolute max your system would draw if all component were at 100% load at the same time. So in theory you'd be fine with 700w. but I'd personally probably go a bit higher to have some overhead.

700w is a lot btw, what hardware you running?

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 24, 11:03 pm


and if buying a 700w PSU, make sure its a quality one, and not some junk "Great Wall" 700w or similar.

geek_schizoid, Jul 24, 11:51 pm

Yer. wouldn't expect to need 700 watts unless running a high-end SLI/crossfire setup or similar.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 24, 11:57 pm

or if you've filled out one of those PSU calculators checking 4 cores as 4 individual CPU's.

geek_schizoid, Jul 25, 12:31 am

Put the system specs in here and get a real PSU recommendation.

geek_lugee, Jul 26, 12:37 am

I would not do a think like that nossir not me. uuuumm. oh yeah. I figured that out laterl lol.

geek_olack, Aug 3, 4:07 pm

My over clocked crossfire gaming rig uses a 450W ps. So 700 sounds exesive.

geek_3coolkids, Aug 3, 4:10 pm

The client has X58 UDR3 V2.0

geek_olack, Aug 3, 4:16 pm

I was posting about the 700W PSU I wanted to use to test the PC to learn what problem there could be because the PC would drop display once in a while and CPU temps were up to 99C under 99% load and when idle just went up and up and up to something like maybe 79C. This can be "normal" for this X58 and a i7 960 cpu and it has an 850W PSU. Checked all things and repaired basics like thermal grease and heatsink seating. It has been doing this for 2 years and nothing has broken down. Temperature radings were accurate.

geek_olack, Aug 3, 4:20 pm

i did not read all your thread but i only buy the best stuff and i want huge warrantys the longer the factory warranty the better the items have to be= logical thinking. plus my pc is on 24/7 so ultra high efficiency is the next thing that is a must . and then out of these the lowest possible price.
So i built a pc with a antech platinum power supply high current pro 850 watt with 94% efficiency for i cant remember exactly but 300$ or so i think. i also got the best ram possible Gskill 2400 with 2 sticks of the same 16 gig ram total and a asrock aniversary mainsboard and the antek military stile pc housing case.
and of course a intel ssd the best quality again 730 series 480 gig . rest i moved from my old dead pc like dvd burner .
it runs at about 27° celsius this machine 34° on intel core cpu graphics on board chip

geek_intrade, Apr 3, 4:16 pm

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