Hi all, what are some good search toolbars for FF

raine06, Apr 26, 12:14am

Thanks 8]

king1, Apr 26, 12:22am
there is no added value to be gained from a toolbar, in fact there is no need for toolbars at all, and 90% of them are downright malicious.
Just use google as your default search engine.

datoofairy, Apr 26, 12:23am
There are no good search toolbars.

lilyfield, Apr 26, 12:25am
and why would you want or need one?

r.g.nixon, Apr 26, 12:41am
Never had or wanted one.

sykotik_ninja, Apr 26, 1:05am
Search engines on the other hand:

https://duckduckgo.com/ https://ixquick.com/

wayne416, Apr 26, 1:30am
And the most popular i read because it uses Google, just put nz after search term to get NZ results. https://startpage.com/ I think Google toolbar is still going, I don't use them as most are just attracting problems.

morticia, Jan 15, 3:06pm
See FF search bar? - click down manage search engines. Look through and find the ones you want (I use dictionaries, Trade Me, imdb, YouTube, Google maps, Wiki, Google Images engines from FF add ons). Easier than a silly generic google search when a specific type of result is needed and already provided in your FF.

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