Ipad not connecting to internet.

viv., Feb 14, 9:28pm
Safari is not connecting to internet, I am pretty sure Facebook is fine & know my Gmail is connecting.
Have unplugged the Router but this is not making any difference.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

brycer, Feb 14, 9:31pm
Restart is always the first option. the ipad not the router again.
either force quit the safari app and/or just restart the ipad

intrade, Feb 14, 9:33pm
if your online with a aplication of your ipdad then the problem is in the app not getting online
Are you maybe in offline mode of safari. ? be in settings somwhere dont ask me but my browser tells me not available in offline mode. and i dont have 1 single apple product so i am just putting a theory with comon sense togahter.

viv., Aug 11, 9:56am
Thanks so much for the replies, Brycer I have just shut it & restarted & it is connecting, should have known that myself.

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