Vodafone Sky TV - network outage?

Hi tech gurus, first time in here but wondering if anyone else is experience no signals with Sky via Vodafone? I bought a new TV today and unplugged all cables. Am worried that its a fault from my end but TV, Tbox and modem are all working fine. I just keep getting the message "weak or no signal" on my TV.

Called up customer service and they said there is currently a network outage in Kapiti which may be affecting me but I'm in Brooklyn!

Any help is much appreciated.

geek_hot_fuss, May 17, 9:03 pm

Vodafone TV box should b connected via the HDMI cable. Is this the case?

Weak or no signal may refer to the TVs DVB-T tuner (digital terrestrial) which you won't be using unless you also have an antenna. What input is selected when this occurs?

geek_spyware, May 18, 7:13 am

Thanks for your response.

there is a hdmi cable connected but we always use component1. is there anything that i can try?

geek_hot_fuss, May 18, 11:12 am

Set the TV source to HDMI1 or whatever HDMI input the TBox is connected to.

HDMI will give you HD on available channels where I'm not sure the TBox outputs HD via component.

geek_jeremy_74, May 18, 11:58 am

Yes, try answering the question, what input is selected when no signal message appears? - does this input have a source connected?

If you select an input that has no input signal on it then this message would be normal behaviour from any TV.

geek_spyware, Nov 13, 11:02 am

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