Microsoft Office 2007 question

shot_gav, Apr 5, 5:54am
I bought and paid for Office 2007 and the laptop I installed it on has broken so I thought I would be able to transfer it to a different laptop but I'm having problems. Is this possible or do I need to pay again? Thanks

exwesty, Apr 5, 6:31am
What OS are you trying to install it onto?

shot_gav, Apr 5, 7:06am
Windows 7. Original laptop is XP

shot_gav, Apr 5, 7:07am
The trial version is on the laptop but the registration key doesn't work. Thanks

r.g.nixon, Apr 5, 7:13am
Phone Microsoft NZ's 0800 number, on Tuesday.

shot_gav, Apr 5, 7:19am
Excellent! Thanks for your help.

us109, Apr 6, 6:12am
Do you have a 'Drop Box' then?!

gyrogearloose, Apr 6, 6:22am
A registration key for Office 2007 is unlikely to work with a trial of Office 2013. You'd need to uninstall Office 2013 and then insert your Office 2007 disk to reinstall.

exwesty, Mar 19, 4:07pm

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