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venna2, Apr 17, 8:21pm
Not strictly computing but here goes. Yesterday my son-in-law sent me a text message at 8.40 am - arrangements re child minding that day.

I checked my cellphone as usual throughout the day - no messages. Finally, I had a look at it about 10.15 pm - I was out for the evening. There was the message he had sent at 8.40 am!

Luckily we'd also been in touch by phone that morning so the child minding went ahead with no problems. But I had no idea that he'd texted me at 8.40 am - until I received it more than 12 hours later.

Someone was nearby and told me she'd had a similar experience while trying to contact a friend at the airport - her text was not received. She asked to see the phone number of the text I'd received, and said, if I understood her right, that Vodafone blocks Telecom texts.

If this is so, it's appalling. People rely on the recipients of their texts actually receiving them within minutes if not seconds. Does anyone know more about this?

king1, Apr 17, 8:29pm
its nothing unusual, happens from time to time. we have similar occurances sending from voda to spark not often but has happened. Problem is who knows which end the delay is introduced.

if you need immediate feedback on whether message has been received you really should call them

mrfxit, Apr 17, 8:33pm
99% of the time the delay is on Vodafones end.
It's been like this randomly since they started in NZ.
Nothing new there.

venna2, Apr 17, 8:38pm
But is there any indication that Vodafone is deliberately (if randomly) blocking/delaying messages from rival companies?

..pip.., Apr 17, 8:46pm
It such a rare event it's hardly anything to worry about. If it's something that requires an answer I will text again then call if need be.

stevexc, Apr 17, 9:18pm
Vodafone had a network outage yesterdayy. It was well published.


I remember reading ages ago that doctors used pagers because there was no guarantee of service with text messages. Not sure if that still applies.

pearlypearl, Apr 17, 9:30pm
When I am child minding I always send an extra text and ask if they got message.if one doesn't hear frm other ring.

hakatere1, Apr 17, 9:46pm
True. I saw one idiot ask another idiot to to pass the salt at the tea table one night at work.

mrfxit, Apr 17, 9:50pm

jon9, Apr 17, 10:33pm
This completely.

With so many plans having 100's of minutes calling now days, I'm surprised anyone would rely on a text message for something important

camper18, Apr 17, 11:33pm
It was due to the outage with VF. DH sent me a txt to say he was on his way home but it didn't arrive until he had been home for a couple of hrs. Was no big drama and I don't believe that the telcos stop each others txts.

gsimpson, Apr 18, 12:13am
Yes. We still use pagers at work in case the system has a meltdown. There is no guarantee a text has arrived promptly. You could always ask for a brief reply to be sure it has been received.

venna2, Apr 18, 12:16am
Yes, my son-in-law confirmed that there had been an outage. A relief - I wouldn't like to think that Vodafone were doing it on purpose.

2nd2none, Apr 18, 1:04am
to even think that is possible is bordering on tin foil hat conspiracy theories, not only would they get into a lot of trouble, it also can be dangerous for many reasons and I really can't see it as being a benefit to Vodafone to do something like that.

lythande1, Apr 18, 1:54am
Vodafone had an outage yesterday.

Just because some new tech turns up you suddenly think you have some kind of human right issue over it?
More fool you if you think everything is there at your fingertips because you decided to rely on it.

Tech can and does fail. Like anything else.

1st world problem.

brycer, Apr 18, 2:01am
happens once every few months between networks, and is often exactly 12 hours or sometimes 24 hours. All their terms and conditions cover this. there are no guarantees of delivery at all. My kids know that if I haven't responded to a txt within a short time to assume I haven't got it and to call. Works well. I always respond with at least a 'K' so they know I have got it

tillsbury, Apr 18, 4:14am
I used to receive texts up to 2 days after they were sent, reception a bit rubbish over here. Texts are not reliable. If both ends have iphones make sure that imessage is set up, as you can then identify when texts have been delivered and when they've been read, for important stuff.

rz_zone, Apr 18, 5:04am
Or viber, whatsapp, kik, etc.

kieran211, Apr 18, 5:37am
Exactly, that way you get delivery and read reports, and can often see if they're online.

hakatere1, Apr 18, 9:59pm

wayne416, Apr 19, 7:07am
Set your phone to give delivery reports. If you don't get one after sending a text their phones turned off or the text is held up somewhere. Open text program, settings and tick 'delivery reports'. This option is normally turned off by default.

rua69, Apr 20, 12:19am
To repeat others:

I don't, because experience tells me to have no expectations, and to accept as a bonus if it actually works.

The best solution is to make a voice call, which will either work or won't, and ime is much faster at getting a result than messaging of any kind.

rav413, Apr 20, 4:58am
I had "not delivered" messages re my texts last week but thought it was my phone which is a bit temperamental. Was relieved to find out it was Vodafone. Is there anywhere I can check to find out if is the provider?

kieran211, Apr 20, 7:06am
Pretty sure this isn't active on NZ networks. Have seen it in other countries though.

wayne416, Apr 20, 7:27am
Works on my phone and a friends, it is only a popup that says 'message received by xxxxxxx' a few seconds after sending. If it doesn't show you know their phones off or there is a holdup somewhere in which case if urgent you try other means. It doesn't show if for example they get message later, more an instant thing. It shows when their phone receives the message not when they open it so doesn't mean they have read it.

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