120mm Case Fans - Suggestions Please

duggin, Apr 27, 2:51am
I have three PCs, each with three 120mm case fans in addition to the PS fan. One fan sucks air from the front of the case across the HDDs; a second sucks air into the case and is located on the case side above the CPU fan with a "funnel" to direct air onto the CPU fan; and the third is on the back of the case and sucks air out of the PC, The mainboard connected fans (on the back of the case) are controlled through BIOS, and the other two are powered through the 12v rail on the PS.

At build time I just bought what was available. They've worked OK, but are noisy. We've since moved house, and grandson says my PCs keep him awake due to the fan noise going through the wall between my office and his bedroom.

After doing some research . so many brands, varieties and speeds - very confusing, way too much choice.

See some ads give CFM, only, and others only dB levels.

What are some "good" brands that have both high CFM and low dB?

Anyone recommendations pse?

mrfxit, Apr 27, 2:58am
Trail & error.
Same brand & model can sometimes have slightly different speeds.
Rubber mounted fans are better but you need to consider any air gaps between fan & case.
Sometimes the "noise" is in fact case vibration with fans & or case framing
Gently Lift the pc off the desk while it's running & see if it sounds quieter.

oclaf, Apr 27, 2:59am
i have a penchant for Arctic Cooling fans. Good quality and their noisy ones are quiet and the silent ones are a silent. They usually ship with fancy little rubber mounts to replace the screws too.
Ascent always has some for a decent price.

mrfxit, Apr 27, 2:59am
You also need more air going in then out so check any case grills & see if you need to block them off for better air control.
Speaking of grills, certain fan grill's can be a real pain for extra noise.

duggin, Apr 27, 3:09am
Wasn't that easy in this case. :(

duggin, Apr 27, 3:11am
You're right, but in this case it's all fan noise.

duggin, Apr 27, 3:11am
"In this case. " sorry about the pun: entirely accidental.

duggin, Apr 27, 3:13am
Looked at some reviews for these, have a good reputation, and are reasonably priced, since I need a few.

neoslowmo, Apr 27, 3:17am
Have a look at some Cooler Master 120mm their high end fans have a good rep too.

duggin, Apr 27, 3:30am
So what's an acceptable sound level?

trade_menow, Apr 27, 4:32am
if your case can do it ditch the fans and replace with liquid cooling
listing 877321016 is a example

neoslowmo, Apr 27, 5:19am
I would try myself to keep below 18dba at a rated 600-1400rpm

lucky.gadgets, Apr 27, 12:13pm
Forget looking for the perfect fan.

Go get yourself a fan speed controller and that will let your run each of your fans at whatever speed you desire. Then you can just dial them all down until you find the sweet spot between noise and heat dissipation. You don't need your fans running at 100% speed, rather as little as 10% might be find depending on the temperatures inside your case.

Something like this, look around should be able to find cheaper somewhere. #876607948

duggin, Apr 28, 12:59am
Nice layout, good suggestion. Many thanks.

duggin, Apr 28, 1:01am
Good thought. Many thanks.

lugee, Jan 7, 4:04pm
Can't go wrong with a Noctua NF-F12.

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