Microsoft iis server

shall, May 28, 5:47am
anyone know this well ?

lost contents of c:/inetpub/wwwroot folder, and now errors when running site. how can i get back folders and files i need ?

vtecintegra, May 28, 5:53am
Restore them from your most recent backup.

You do have backups right?

king1, May 28, 5:53am
if its a business/ pro operating system you might be able to restore previous versions of the folder. right click properties - otherwise data recovery software

However, I would also be finding out how it happened ie inadvertently deleted or something else - the latter of course would bear further investigation and concern.

shall, May 28, 6:57am
It happened during upgrade of the website contents,

Done it lots before, and never been an issue, normally just copy the new files in there, but no backups of this folder, didn't know it even existed till today,

shall, May 28, 6:58am
We back up all of out documents and other stuff, and no intention of backing up individual folders.
For the times it is likely to happen it is not worth backups get up every system folder. A restore would fix it, but there is a large amount of other work getting to this point I don't want to undo which is more important than the website

vtecintegra, May 28, 7:02am
Well if you refuse to do proper backups then stuff like this is going to happen.

BTW this isn't what you'd really call a system folder - it is where the content of your website lives

shall, May 28, 7:51am
Close enough, and like I said, I didn't even know it existed. It affects no one right now, not terribly important, just want to get it fixed. Need to weigh up the risks, and backing up these folders is not on the list of important for the infrequent problems . First time in many many upgrades.

It can be fixed I know, and can restore back to previous time on system restore, but just have to do the work I have done again. But can't do that for a week as is needed. Just was wondering if there is a different method.

Have someone coming in to look at it tomorrow anyway :)

king1, May 28, 7:53am
find a blackboard and write out 100 times
"I must keep up-to-date backups of all data I would not like to lose"

black-heart, May 29, 10:53am
if its a server, you should back all of it up.

shall, Oct 4, 9:11am
It is an experimental demo server. not terribly important to anything. The real server is fully backed up.

It turns out nothing was lost. used company who knows more about .net stuff than me (which is nothing) and the new version was changing a webconfig file as well as trying to run .net framework 2 instead of 4. a clash when it is installed and just needed to be changed.

all running fine again, website is up and running :)

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