Blackfight virus help :( plz

redphoenix3, May 19, 3:57am
So a couple of days ago i started getting avast warnings upon opening my laptop (before i had even loaded chrome) (i have snips of the warnings)most of the time it calls itself blackfight but sometimes it uses reduled or epictory or blackled
I have;
removed all things that have recently updated, rebooted
run avast- several times-nothing, and i cant find a history of the popup quarantine either- but that is poss coz i dont know what im doing.
run malwarebytes-several times first time quarantined stuff then clear after
Run spybot, which picked up stuff when the other two didn't.
Run cccleaner and awdcleaner- both found nothing
rebooted and run a boot scan- clear too(several of these things with remote help from my brother as i got info the virus was in the registry. way above my pay grade!)
I am still getting the warnings,only once, two warnings on opening.
Who can i take it to to fix (i am not pc savvy and have exhausted my skillset)
there seems to be links on the net for fixing this but they are all sent with covers saying they were for the pc that had the issue- rather than a general fix.
pretty much help, please! i am in chch if someone knows a good pc person who can help me.

r.g.nixon, May 19, 5:38am
Are you doing the scans in 'Safe Mode'?
If that doesn't remove it, maybe it is a 'rootkit'. Google will know.

redphoenix3, May 19, 6:34am
no scans were all done in normal turn on pc mode. Should i try running them in turn on hit F8 mode? (if thats safe mode?)and do i pick safe with networking or just safe? or one of the other options. which i cant recall the name of now as i was
googling that fix when i tried it so only looked for the one i needed

budgel, May 19, 7:02am
Safe with networking will enable you to go online (youtube perhaps?)and find out how to remove it.

r.g.nixon, May 19, 7:07am
Either of the two safe modes. May as well do the networking one, per reasoning mentioned.

redphoenix3, May 19, 8:12am
hmmm, just tried to safe mode, load. it 'please waits' me for aprox 5 mins mid loading then loads normal (assume this) as yesterdays safe mode showed me at the top of the screen that it was in safe mode :( and today does not

redphoenix3, Nov 6, 9:59am
scratch that, in safe mode now. google tells me this so i shall redo what we did last night with the thought i missed something

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