Vodafone Network

tanya170, Apr 29, 1:31am
Is there something going on with Vodafone. I am uncertain if my phone is breaking down or Vodafone is ! My phone keeps going to voice mail, or the signal is there then not, or the screen lights up like its going to get a message, but nothing comes, or I get no messages and then get five in a row from various times of the day - What is going on people or do I need a new phone. Thanks for info

mazdasix, Apr 29, 1:43am
Call Vodafone and ask them?

camper18, Apr 29, 1:44am
Could be the network as I had a real estate ring this morning saying they can't send documents via my email, they just keep bouncing back. They have the right address.

kieran211, Apr 29, 2:39am
If you're near Kawakawa Bay or Hastings then maybe. I personally haven't had any mobile network issues for about 6 months.


Would say try another phone to see if the issue lies there.

cynder, Dec 31, 7:55am
I'm having problems in Cambridge. Have done for the last three days. Google is sometimes ok, but apps aren't working on my iPad. No emails at all, and can't send.any. Just did an update, and don't know if this could have made a difference. House computer ok, but I need my iPad. Sounds similar?

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