Can every house in Dunedin handle GIGATOWN speeds?

makarep124, Feb 6, 3:58am
I'm in the process of setting up internet for the flat in dunedin this year and the gigatown plans look really appealing but i've heard that apparently all the lines running down all the streets can handle this new 1GBps speed but a lot of the wiring in the houses is still only fast enough to handle a certain speed? is this true or can all the houses handle whatever speed is thrown at them?

gyrogearloose, Feb 6, 4:19am
Internal wiring for gigabit speed would require CAT6 - my opinion is that very few residential premises in Dunedin would be wired with CAT6, and routers with a gigabit backplane would be similarly scarce.

But hey, "GIGATOWN" is just a marketing term anyway, I think your actual speed will be much less.

I'd suggest not doing any cabling, instead connect a good 802.11N or better wireless router.

makarep124, Feb 6, 4:33am
is the modem in this plan a 802.11N or better? i don't really know a hell of a lot about this haha

gibler, Feb 6, 4:40am
some of us have to wait until well into 2016.
Already have internal gigabit wiring.

makarep124, Feb 6, 4:44am
how did you find that out? orcon told me it will be ready either late this month or march

gyrogearloose, Feb 6, 4:50am

Although I don't think much of their marketing doublespeak: "Stream, download and upload faster than any other town". The thing about this "GIGATOWN" is that it isn't faster than any other town - you're simply getting the faster access plan for the price of the basic access plan for two years, after which they can increase the price.

black-heart, Feb 6, 5:40am
most houses don't have cabling at all, you just run a cat5e / cat6 cable from your router (which hopefully has gigabit ports) to your PC that definitely supports gigabit.

Or use wireless, and make sure your nowhere near gigabit speed.

spyware, Sep 5, 9:36am
Most houses in Dunedin would have no cat5/6 structured cabling at all so wouldn't handle any speed. Ethernet be it fast Ethernet 10/100 or GbE doesn't go over phone cabling and never has.

Note: On installation the fibre is run to the ONT (optical Network Terminal) and router connects to this via a copper patch lead, no legacy house wiring involved at this basic level.

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