I know there is a way, just cannot think of it

skin1235, Mar 10, 1:20am
home network issue
one rig running win7 64 bit
one rig running Xp Media
One rig running XP pro

the win7 can see and access all the others
the Xp medai one cannot see either of the others
the XP pro can see the win7 but not access it, can see and access the xp Media

they all used to be able to talk nicely between each other, the only chnage is that the Media one has just had a format and fresh install of op sys

theres a setting somewhere to allow the xp to talk to win7, cant remember which one it is though
- and where is it

skin1235, Mar 10, 1:23am
both the xp ones are in the same workgroup
the win7 one does not show as being in any group at all, just all computers are visible under network, and accessible

king1, Mar 10, 1:36am
usually win 7 workgroup is 'workgroup' by default. XP is 'mshome'

On the XP Media one try accessing the others in explorer by computer name as against Windows trying to find it for you

ie \\computername

with win 7 you need to share a particular folder with 'everyone' and read/write support

skin1235, Jun 2, 5:15am
sorry I didn't get back before
I just came back to check, and it took a whole 2 minutes to fix the issue
thanks king1, thats got it sorted

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