mum3nz, Mar 24, 5:22am
I was given an Compaq persario 2nd laptop with a targus charger the input/output details are
100-240V~1.4A 50/60Hz
19V 4.74

According to the website I need
AC Input: 100~240V 50~60Hz
DC Output: 18.5V 3.5A 65 Watts

Will the difference on the current charger matter or do I risk frying the laptop? It is loose in the connection though

king1, Mar 24, 5:30am
The voltage usually needs to be exact. what voltage does it say it needs on the bottom of the laptop?

mum3nz, Mar 24, 5:31am
Where do I find that?

sqidlie, Mar 24, 6:25am
Just get the lose connection fix and are ok on the rest of the stuff

r.g.nixon, Mar 24, 6:36am
The current from the adaptor should be equal or higher than what it says on the underside of the laptop. The laptop will only grab the current it requires, not all of it. The voltage should be within 5%.

stevel_knievel, Mar 25, 12:35pm
It's usually on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop.

shall, Mar 27, 6:12am
Also need to check the polarity

d.snell, Mar 27, 7:08am
Won't make a lot of difference in your case. Early Compaq's use 18,5v as most of the HP batteries for these models are 10.8v. The later model uses slightly higher voltage batteries of 11.1v, so the charger was beefed up to 19v, to reduce the generated heat because, as the current was increased, this causes more heat, so it's runs cooler if the voltage is increased as well.
Also a laptop will only use as much current (amps) as it needs. Buy feeding it more current, wont do it any harm. Voltage is slightly different, it is a nominal rating and this will vary as to the load, so as long as its rated no more than 10% over it won't do any harm. If it's too low, possibly it won't power up correctly, so no real harm there either.

oversize, Apr 14, 5:13pm
that will work fine.

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