Im using Opera browser and it wont let me view all

of New Zealands listings under "Car parts and accessories" I have "All Locations" highlighted and it still keeps showing Canterbury only. Any ideas. I have cleared browser history.

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 21, 7:05 pm

Clear the cache and cookies also.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 21, 7:06 pm

ok, will try that.

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 21, 7:07 pm

Any idea where that woul;d be in opera/

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 21, 7:08 pm

No. But Ctrl+Shift+Del brings up the options in most browsers.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 21, 7:59 pm

hmmm, ive run Ccleaner and still the blimmin same

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 21, 8:09 pm

I go in to "Trade Me Motors", "Car parts and Accessories" and its default on "Canterbury" so I then click on "All Locations" and still the same result as it shows Canterbury region only.

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 21, 8:11 pm

It wont even let me log out of Trade Me. Malware ?

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 21, 8:14 pm

have you tried another browser? or a reboot?

geek_woagan, Jun 22, 3:33 am

ive done a reboot and cleared cache, cookies etc. Another browser eg Chrome does work. Im using Opera as it was a faster browser.

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 22, 8:24 am

opera is just a copy of chrome now. since a while i use iceweasel on linux = firefox

geek_intrade, Jun 22, 9:28 am

I may be wrong but seem to remember your using the pre Chrome Opera 12, very good but passed it now for a lot of sites. I used it but had to change and the close to it i could find was Pale Moon. Give that a shot, its very similar to old Opera and a stripped down version of Firefox, regularly updated.

geek_wayne416, Jun 22, 10:43 am

Ok, will try that. Im back with Chrome at the moment so may stick to that for a bit.

geek_tool_shop173, Aug 1, 3:15 am

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