220v to 110v transformer

Hi all,
Whats the probable sale value of this transformer

Not had anything like this before so really not sure.
It's a pretty heavy unit & appears to be omnidirectional.

geek_mrfxit, Jun 2, 3:27 pm

geek_exwesty, Jun 2, 4:14 pm

Thanks, didn't see that pesky dot on the end of the link which somehow got included.
Weird aye ;-)

geek_mrfxit, Jun 2, 4:33 pm

My imported USA made CNC machine is on 110 volt 3 phase. Had a transformer made just like your one. Would suggest that is where your transformer end use would lie. I think you should find out if it is single or three phase and advertise what it is. Someone importing 110 volt machinery might be interested.

geek_grb235, Jun 2, 5:42 pm

from the terminals shown it is a single phase one to one transformer with a centre tap. 110v in / 110 or 220v out OR 220v in / 110 or 220v out.
could be used as a stepdown / stepup or isolating transformer.
about $25 to $40 worth

geek_andrew1954, Jun 2, 5:59 pm

Yep single phase for sure.
It's a heavy bugger.

geek_mrfxit, Jun 2, 6:13 pm

All such transformers are bi-directional!
Any clue as to what Wattage or kVA rating it has?
Retail cost is probably in the hundreds of dollar but realistic value is around $50ish.

If you're going to list it, put it in the guitar amplifier section - plenty of musos looking for step-down transformers to run their ex-US vintage amplifiers!

geek_tmenz, Jun 3, 12:15 pm

Mmm good thought.

Whats on it for labeling is whats in the photo.
Was last known to be powering a 500 watt 110v audio amplifier

geek_mrfxit, Sep 22, 3:55 pm

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