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morrisman1, Apr 1, 7:05am
long story short, we had OK coverage which recently has got terrible. Spark claim they have not had other complaints and have not observed a drop in coverage. How do I take this further. They are refusing to even consider sending a technician out to measure coverage at my location. I am less than 2km from one cell site and 4km from the next one. I cannot make calls and sometimes not even txt and it has happened in the last couple of months. How do I take this further to get a proper investigation happening rather than some stupid helpdesk fob-off?

skin1235, Apr 1, 7:13am
confirm this dropoff is happening with other spark users, inhouse and neighborhood, with that firm knowledge you can get higher up the chain, insist on speaking with their supervisor and demand that he get you to tech services, in fact you should be able to ask for tech services from the getgo

skin1235, Apr 1, 7:14am
would not be the first phone to have the out circuits die

morrisman1, Apr 1, 7:19am
I was on the 'complex' services department. I had the lady ring me. She tried both and we couldnt not make conversation the quality was that bad, then sent a txt asking for a landline to call on ha.

Theres a fair few people in the area having issues too, it might be a bit of work but worth rallying them up to put in a complaint, then they might have to listen.

skin1235, Apr 1, 7:23am
is the landline bad also?
yep you may have to visit a few neighbours and get some sort of local petition going ( bugga eh ) pick a couple who get on well and deputise them, doesn't have to be too formal, just are they spark customers and does their current service work for them
maybe a sig sheet at the local store type thing

morrisman1, Apr 1, 7:28am
Landline isnt too bad, we get ADSL2 good enough. wonder if a mail-drop and a flyer at the local dairy would help.

What kind of impact would some bush have on reception? there is 300m of bush between me and the 2km cell site, and about 200m between me and the 4km cell site. The land is flat

spyware, Apr 1, 7:30am
What do you think? Cell communication at its best should be over line of clear site.

And how do you expect your cellphone to transmit back through the bush?

skin1235, Apr 1, 7:33am
bush will have an effect, moreso if it is wet, and at this time of the season will have quite dense foliage
I know it seems silly, but if you were on the roof can you get line of sight, or if you drive 500mt down the road can you get line of sight, and does it improve when line of sight is clear
if it is better in clear line of sight its not sparks problem per se

spyware, Apr 1, 7:37am
So any technician sent could only prove that the laws of physics relaed to 850 MHz propagation hold true. Hence a waste of time.

..pip.., Apr 1, 7:48am
Phone them more than four times in one week. They have no option but to put you into a special section here in NZ. Have done it myself at it happened.

morrisman1, Apr 1, 7:55am
I just went for a drive down the road to the cell tower and back. went up to full reception.

skin1235, Apr 1, 7:58am
theres the answer, time to clear a few pertinent trees, won't need much, doesn't need to be a full clear line of sight just cut the interference levels back a bit

julia123, Apr 1, 8:00am
Hi Cam - had lots of trouble with spark lately. I rang x-times in the philippines and today i wrote a runt on their fb site. the technician was here this afternoon, i am in Bluff.

skin1235, Apr 1, 8:00am
next question would be can you legally chop a few down, if its just scrub have a word with the landowner and explain, he may well allow you a few trailer loads of good firewood if he gets equal share, and you get a better reception and expanded views to boot

morrisman1, Apr 1, 8:06am
Its council owned bush reserve!

Thanks Julia123 not a bad idea. Nobody likes bad press!

skin1235, Apr 1, 8:08am
and forward all complaints to the council too, they hate bad press with a vengance

morrisman1, Apr 1, 9:08am
submitted a cool-headed complaint to spark, and also their facebook page. I will await a reply, and if none by thursday will ring again.

spyware, Apr 1, 11:53am
A special section of morons.

spyware, Mar 31, 9:10pm
Hopefully thet ignore you, maybe they'll sent one of the 60,000 Huawei engineers to teach you the laws of physics.

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